End of this month

As we promised, today we are going to reveal the launching day. No more further waiting, we decided to officially release Monstarrior by the end of this month. For all of Monstarrior fans, reassure it’s all worth waiting for.

In addition, details about Small and Big rewards will be posted…



Ninja Master

Creature: Frog

Gender: Male

Weapon: Darts

Features: Steal each HP from your enemy for 2 turns

Ability: Bleed

He was a ninja master who was scary to many enemies. Until one day, during a mission, he fell into a cursed well and stepped out as a frog. Legend says he…



We’re glad to announce that Monstarrior first drop (presale) is going to take place on October 08 2021 on AtomicHub.

Participants: This presale is specialized for only Diamons and Whitemons

Other information such as:

  • How we choose Diamons
  • A Whitelist form for Whitemons
  • Which Monstarrior items and their quantities are…



500 Moncard Packs and 1000 Blackcard Packs

We announce the result of 1500 people, who will be received gifts in the first airdrop of Monstarrior.

Result link: Click here

Rewards: 500 Moncard Packs and 1000 Blackcard Packs are sending to you.

On the 25th we will announce the time for the drop. After the drop, the game…