The first version of Monstarrior

3 min readOct 29, 2021


We’re excited to announce that the first version of Monstarrior will be released at the end of this month. From the attempt of the development team with the desire to create stimulating features and the best experiences for players, here are some upcoming features in the first version of Monstarrior:

I. Management:

This is a function that helps you manage all your Monstarrior cards easily. You can

  • Stake cards to participate in PvE.
  • Unlock Blindcards to Moncards.
  • Buy cards from AtomicHub’s Market directly in the game interface.


Everyday, players will have free energy levels to participate in PvE battles. Each difficulty level will cost a certain amount of energy and $MOWA. This amount gradually increases according to each difficulty level.

Levels in the PvE system

The rewards for participating in PvE are $MOWA and a chance to get a Blackcard. Using high rarity cards to participate in a PvE battle also helps you to earn a lot of $MOWA and high rarity Blackcards.

III. Enhance and Sacrifice

Players have the opportunity to receive Blackcards from airdrop events, PvE battles and gift boxes. To upgrade a Blackcard to a Moncard, the player needs to pay with $MOWA and a transform card by the Enhance function in the Fusion section.

Sacrificial system: when you have Blackcards in your hand, but those are not the cards you want, Sacrifice is a function that gives you a chance to receive other cards. By paying with $MOWA, the player can sacrifice 1–4 cards to randomly receive other cards. You can receive more or less than the amount you sacrifice depending on your luck.

IV. In-Game shop

In the first version, players can use $MOWA to buy Transform Cards and Energy Cards right in the In-Game shop

V. Events

The first season begins with a reward for players who own a full collection of 25 Monstarrior cards. The reward will be an amount of WAX and $MOWA.

VI. Next Release

  • PvP
  • PvP Big Reward
  • Leaderboard and Elo System
  • Clan Creation
  • Clan Assets
  • Clan Community

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