Parameters of a card

There are 4 parameters in a card

1 min readSep 24, 2021

To use the card effectively, you need to know these 4 parameters in a card:

Energy points:

That shows how many Energy points you need, to use this card. If the energy points you have in a turn is lower than the number shown in the card. You need to use another card having “Energy Gain” ability along with it to activate the card.

Monstarrior’s Name:

The name of the card. Each name comes with its own legendary story.


Cards are classified into feature groups. There are 8 feature groups: Attack, Heal, Fury, Strong, Shielded, Energy gain, Bleed.


This is a detailed description of each feature. For example, how many points it can attack or gain energy
This is the information you need to keep in mind to ensure you win your opponent’s cards and determine your strategy for the battle.

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