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4 min readAug 17, 2021


The story goes that one day, upon witnessing the heinous crimes that humans have committed, God feels outraged to the point that he regrets creating mankind. As a result, he decided to summon a deluge to rid this world of all seeds of evil.

During that time, there is a dignified man named Noah living on this Earth. Admiring his integrity, God spares Noah’s life and warns him about the decision to wipe out all lives on this Earth. God advises Noah to build a ship large enough to accommodate his beloved relatives and all species of living animals, on the condition that only one pair of each animal species can board the boat.

Heeding God’s words, Noah constructed a gigantic three-floor ship which is 360m long, 23m wide, and 13,6m tall, with a view to hold every animal species.

As soon as the animals are on board the built ship, the tremendous deluge strikes the land. The water source in the abyss cracks, overflowing the Earth and creating a pouring rain that lasts 40 days. At this point, God has managed to administer his punishment to humanity: all seeds of lives and evils are obliterated, except for Noah and his family.

After 150 days, the floodwater begins to recede. Noah’s ship, which has drifted on vast seas for a long time, gets stranded on the peak of Mount Ararad, which is identified to be a modern Eastern Turkey area where Iran and Armenia meet.

As another 40 days pass, Noah frees a pair of pigeons. He later sees the birds return with an olive leaf, which proves that the deluge waters have fully receded (the image of a pigeon holding an olive leaf in its mouth has become a symbol of peace ever since). Noah decides to release the doves again, but this time they never come back.

Noah brings all living creatures out of the ship to let them continue flourishing on this beautiful ground. God has made a contract with Noah and warned mankind that: “Continue to thrive and occupy this Earth, but keep in mind that once you become nefarious criminals, and once there is bloodshed on this ground, you have to bleed to death as well.”

Myths concerning the deadly flood and Noah’s ship are well documented in the Bible. Moreover, even a clay tablet excavated in the capital Nineveh of the ancient Assyria Empire records details about the deluge. Historians are able to compile approximately 50 myths and tales about the flood. The documents remain clear, fluent, coherent, and propose a common theory that once humanity’s ethics deteriorates, calamities will strike and that only kind-hearted people deserve a good-natured life.

And it seems that this is everything we have known about the deluge. But is anyone here aware of what truly happens afterward?

1000 years after the deluge.

From Noah’s relatives, the world’s population proliferates. God also orders that Noah’s descendants must scatter all over the world. However, a part of them does not comply with this requirement. Instead, they follow a leader named Nimród and gather to build a massive tower in the city of Babel, which is later referred to as Babylon. These events are signs of opposition to God’s commands. Violence and homicides are on the rapid increase. When seeing humans kill each other, God is disheartened that his creation is vulnerable to destruction once again. He implements an unheard-of decision:


However, since God doesn’t want the Earth to transform into a dead planet, he allows animal creatures to continue flourishing. God then dispatches his heralds to Earth to take control of these animals, on the condition that the heralds must scatter all over the world, as opposed to the living-in-group behaviors of former humans. In order to fulfill his wish, God performs a miracle. Suddenly, all of the heralds start speaking distinct languages, and none of them can understand what others say. The heralds are then tasked with leading their animals to different corners of the world; that is, each of them has to inhabit their own land, separated by vast rivers and massive mountains….


Even though the Earth is not a heavenly place for bad-natured people, it is too challenging for good people to survive… The instinct of rising to power and conquest has been nurtured deep inside every living thing inhabiting this world, regardless of whether they are humans, animals, or even God’s heralds.

A thousand years later…

As animals consistently thrive and reproduce more, some of them have to travel farther and farther in search of exhausted food sources that were once overabundant on this Earth. Over time, they encounter their counterparts governed by the heralds…

After spending numerous years on this Earth, God’s heralds are fed up with their narrow land and little authority. As greed gets the better of them, the heralds start building strong armies to conquer new territories and become the sole ruler…

At first, minor clashes emerge; however, they later turn into devastating conflicts across the world…

Who will win the final battle?..

Who will become the almighty Lord of this planet?…

And, is there any chance that Noah’s doves will return on an uncertain day…

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