Mondrop — Preseason Sale

There are 3 round

1 min readSep 28, 2021


We’re glad to announce that after a long time of preparation, we are launching Moncards through the following presale rounds:

  • Mondrop Round 1 on 8th Oct
  • Mondrop Round 2 on 10th Oct
  • Mondrop Round 3 on 12th Oct

At the Drop on 8th Oct, we will sell 810 packs. Each pack contains 3 Moncards.

Participants: Only Diamonds and Whitemons.

A. Diamons under both conditions

1. You are One in 1500 people who received the airdrop pack before.

2. You need to hold that airdrop pack / Moncards (Note: Hold them until round 1 to avoid being removed from the Diamons list).

B. Whitemons: Only for those who are whitelisted.

Applications for Whitemons will be open on October 1st. Registration ends at 9 AM on 8th October.

We will verify the eligibility of Diamonds and Whitemons after the Whitelist form is closed.

The official list of Diamonds and Whitemons will be announced at 11AM 8th October.

Stay tuned for our upcoming news on 1st October for details on packs and prices for presale, and you can start registering for whitemons.

All time is UTC time

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