Monstarrior created our verification standards and missions for players to complete in order to join the community, with the goal of creating a genuine community of players and minimizing the participation of bots or players using multiple accounts. Players must accept the community regulations we created in addition to having a Discord account that has been active for a sufficient period of time before joining.There are two types of memberships in Monstarrior, Diamons and Whitemons:

  1. Diamons: This is a title for those who have been involved with Monstarrior from the initial stage. We must verify their authenticity and contribution to Monstarrior by completing missions, creating communities, and actively engaging in our community. The reward is the privilege to participate in Diadrops. We will identify and count those who are eligible to become Diamons before the launch of NFTs. They need to be at the highest level in terms of mission completion. Before each sale of NFTs, Diamons must confirm their active status; otherwise, they will be replaced by the next person in line. We expect to choose 600 Diamons to escort us during the NFTs sale.
  2. Whitemons: These are players who have completed missions and have been authenticated prior to each release.

Monstarrior’s community channels: Discord|Telegram|Facebook|Twitter



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