About Monstarrior

Monstarrior is a Blockchain-based game. Players must collect a certain number of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) in order to win prizes previously locked to Smartcontract.

The heart of Monstarrior, however, is Clans, in which players endeavor together for the greater good. In Monstarrior, players can perform as a team to complete missions and win prizes, or they can contribute resources (in the form of stakes) to attack other Clans.

Our mission

Monstarrior development team empowers players to create Clans with multiple levels that are tailored to their specific ambition and vision. Each Clan will have its own characteristics and will compete for prosperitys in order to attract the most compatible players for their strategy.


The Monstarrior development team is continually looking for ways to make the most of players’ experiences. For this reason, we designed three seasons. Each season will have its own level of difficulty, ranging from exhilarating to difficult.

  1. In the first season, Monstarrior features 25 Level-1 Monsterrior and Herald Cards. Monstarrior will be maintained understandable while yet being entertaining this season, based on a solid fiction premise.
  2. In the second season, the character progressed to level 2. At this point, each character is outfitted with metal armor as well as upgraded weapons and skills. When the players get used to Monstarrior’s system, there would be more challenging but also contain more opportunity to grow their own ways.
  3. In the third season, the character finally evolves to level 3 than ever. Not until to this stage, do the character take the form of a human with super strength. Also at this stage, 25 new Monstarrior cards with distinct functions and powers are being released.

Through each season, Monstarrior will have functional upgrades for Clans. Also, we pay attention to improve PvE, PvP matches in the way that’s more intense. Now, it’s not so simple as Monstarrior expects players to grow their own strategy. Monstarrior requires players to employ highly complex tactics in order to defeat their opponent.

Monstarrior’s community channels: Discord|Telegram|Facebook|Twitter



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