Function of Blackcard and Blindcard

What is Blackcard? What is Blindcard?

2 min readSep 22, 2021


You may not know everything about Blackcard. Here’s what you should know:

Blackcards are distributed to players as a part of the Airdrop campaign. Players can participate in Airdrop Game with these Blackcards to convert them into official cards (Moncard). Later on when Monstarrior is launched, Blackcard can bring surprising gifts in PVE and PVE battles.

Blindcards: When combining with an Energy card, you can own a Moncard.

There are 3 Airdrop Games: The Tale — The Myth — The Legend

  1. The Tale: When you collect all 3 cards including Rabbit, Horse, Squirrel in The Runner collection, they can be exchanged to any 03 Blindcards. The Runner collection only appears at The Tale. Don’t miss the opportunity to use the Runner now. You need 1 Transform Card to redeem. These 3 Blindcards will be in Common rarity.
  2. The Myth: When you collect 5 Blackcards, they can be exchanged for any 1 Blindcard. The successful swap rate is 50%. You need 1 Transform Card to redeem. This 1 Blindcard will be in Uncommon rarity.
  3. The Legend: When you collect 10 Blackcards, you can participate in a PVE match, with a chance to win any 3 Blind Cards. These 3 Blind Card includes 1 card with Uncommon rarity and 2 cards with Common rarity.

In short, you can use Blackcard to convert to Moncard in The Myth and The Legend Airdrop Games

Blackcard + Transform Card => Blindcard as follows:

  • With 5 Blackcards, you have a chance to get 1 Blindcard — Uncommon
  • With 10 Blackcards, you have a chance to get 3 Blindcards. — 1 Uncommon and 2 common.

Blindcard + Energy card = Moncard

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